Shambolic Psychotic (Recalibrated) - Soiled (Marcus H)

by Soiled / Marcus H / Warped Freqs / Forkeyes



The back story 2006 / 2007 amidst death, chaos, mental fragility & imbiding of cheap red wine. The album process was truly a Shambolic Process. The spare room (Studio), was Edmund Trebus in design. One the day the Fire Brigade called to fit new smoke alarms, the lead officer could not believe the state of the room.

Ian Boddy suggested the album title, maybe he witnessed something I could not yet grasp. A concept album of sorts. What if, you crack, end up in a shitty caravan, rail against all thats wrong in Society. while not accepting your own vulnerability. A slow slip into the mire. How close we all are.

Five tracks should never have made it onto the album. At the time I, a muddy thought process thought the tracks were great. Hindsight is a wonderful thing. Still see Lisa Mcnabb's face of NDN distribution. How the hell am I going to P.R this?

For all the chaos which surrounded it. There were some kind reviews David Stubbs in Wire Magazine - He processes old TV samples and gnarly Grunge loops, and sounds like he's prepared to get his fingernails grubby in the process. Synths fly about the mix like bluebottles, and there is a general air of ambient terrain subject to heavy showers of old junk. All quite refreshing really, in its reversion to long neglected tactics.

A friend at the time said when I passed her the CD.."I dont get it"..... you were right, nor did I. I wrote that album from Birds Eye persepective of my world. That sense of detachment lasted for 6 years.

Here is the correct version, what should have been. I am removing the CD version for sale. Enjoy the download.

As an album 'Shambolic Psychotic' gives me an overriding sense of claustrophobia and bleakness. Now that could be seen as a bad thing but in this case I'd still give it a whole hearted thumbs up. There's a temptation to want your music easily formed into palatable pieces which can be consumed with little expenditure of effort and energy.

I would forgive anyone who simply turned their back on this after 10 minutes of listening. But they'd be missing out on the increasing level of complexities that appear with every listen, the hidden dance vibe of 'Major Chunter', the gentle vibrato on 'Steve's Self: Lost in Transit', Soiled aka Marcus H occupies a harsh musical world. Dare you join it too? - Tasty review uk


released May 28, 2016



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Soiled / Marcus H / Warped Freqs / Forkeyes Saltburn By The Sea, UK

Elm Lodge Records home to Marcus H project Soiled & side projects. Mojo Magazine calls him an Ambient maestro.

The Quietus..keenly infer a peculiarly English style of strange fiction.

New Soiled album out 2017

The Residents calling round David Lynch's house
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